Current Committee Role:

Chair; Journal Editor

About Me: 

It is my privilege to steer the workings of the GCG Committee, with many energetic and dynamic individuals contributing to the group. My day job is to be an Assistant Keeper, that is the geological curator, in the Natural History Museum in Dublin, one branch of the National Museum of Ireland. The situation of being solely responsible, with the Keeper, for collections that should require many staff does give me the benefit of enormous variety and diversity in my work. I look after the rocks, fossils, minerals and meteorites. Hence although my geological origins were in palaeontology and biostratigraphy, and I have since worked in geological heritage (in the Geological Survey of Ireland) and become a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, but by necessity I have become a generalist in geological museum work.

It is hoped that we will soon have a dedicated Earth Science Museum in Dublin, and if it does I will be working flat out for the next few years to deliver a new and exciting project, revealing collections that have been pretty much in storage for the last century.