Current Committee Role:


About Me: 

I am the Curator of Natural Sciences at York Museums Trust (based at the Yorkshire Museum), looking after around half a million specimens, ranging from a herbarium, to taxidermy, to a spirit collection, and everything in between. Around a quarter of these specimens are rocks, minerals and fossils, mainly from the North of England, but some from around the world. I am a geologist by training, specialising in palaeontology.

In my current role as GCG Secretary, I am a general point of contact for queries, I do committee admin, and I am interested in how GCG relates to its members and potential members. Such a long-established group has a huge network of expertise to tap into, and I love how supportive the geological community is. 

Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions as to how GCG can help you, whether by answering a query, running some training, or advocating for a collection that may be at risk.