GCG is pleased to be able to sponsor the 2021 Marine Reptile Conference in Kimmeridge, Dorset. Look out for GCG committee members there and say hello!

About the Conference

The Marine Reptile Conference will consist of two days of oral platform presentations, discussions and posters plus optional conference meal and field trip. The event will give a wide range of researchers, students and amateurs the opportunity to present on marine reptiles and their environments, and hear about the latest theories and discoveries. Themes will include: taxonomy, palaeoart, foodwebs and predation, origins of Mesozoic marine reptiles, ecosystems, and modern analogues.

For further details please visit: www.marinereptiles.org.

Update 31-07-2020

In light of ongoing social distancing, the committee has voted to postpone the conference from September 2020 until 4th-6th May 2021. Full details on the decision and the conference itself can be found on the website above.