Current Committee Role:


About Me: 

I am the Curator of Natural Sciences at York Museums Trust (based at the Yorkshire Museum), looking after around half a million specimens, ranging from a herbarium, to taxidermy, to a spirit collection, and everything in between. Around a quarter of these specimens are rocks, minerals and fossils, mainly from the North of England, but some from around the world. I am a geologist by training, specialising in palaeontology.

In my role as Chair, I am looking to make GCG the best it can be. GCG is a wonderful network of passionate and supportive people, and I will work with our community and the committee to serve and represent as many geological collections as possible, for the common good of unlocking their potential for education and research.

Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions as to how GCG can help you, whether by answering a query, running some training, or advocating for a collection that may be at risk.