Current Committee Role:

Journal Editor

About Me: 

I am Senior Curator of Fossil Mammals at the Natural History Museum, London. I am currently on secondment until November 2020, during which time I am managing the Earth Sciences Task Force team at the Natural History Museum. The Task Force is a team of peripatetic Curatorial Assistants who undertake project work on collections for curators and researchers across the department.

I have a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in geology from University College London and a PhD in palaeontology from the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am a vertebrate palaeontologist with interests in Australian and South American fossil mammals, Mesozoic mammals, dental evolution in herbivores and the history of science. I have been involved in fieldwork around the world, including opal mines in Australia and excavating extinct ground sloths in South America. Recent projects include: Darwin's Fossil Mammals (researching and digitising) eMesozoic (digitising British Mesozoic vertebrates).

As Editor of The Geological Curator, I am focused on ensuring that knowledge and lessons learned are documented and shared as widely as possible for the benefit of geological collections and society.