June 2020

  • An unusual papier-mâché replica of a fossil (?) from the Free Church of Scotland College collection by Michael A. Taylor and Lyall I. Anderson
  • Large reptiles, localised solutions: investigating alternative delivery systems for the treatment of oversized pyritic specimens by Lucia Petrera, Lu Allington-Jones, and Kieran Miles
  • Source of Roman stone for Aquae Sulis (Bath, England): field evidence, facies, pXRF chem-data and a cautionary tale of contamination by Maurice Tucker, Mark Brisbane, Derek Pitman and Owen Kearn
  • Preparing detailed morphological features of fossil brittle stars (Ophiuroidea, Echinodermata) for scanning electron microscopy using a combination of mechanical preparation techniques by Mark R. Graham and Timothy A. M. Ewin
  • The benefits of regional collection-based undergraduate projects: an example from Nottingham by Adam S. Smith, Frederick J. Owen, E. Catherine Strickson, Joanne R. E. Horne and Zoé C. Wiggins
  • The Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections – TxVP by James C. Sagebiel
  • BOOK REVIEW by Stephen K. Donovan

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