September 2010 Special Issue

Fossil Preparation: Tools, Techniques and Projects

  • Discovery and preparation of a large mass of articulated Early Jurassic crinoids from Black Ven
  • The virtual and physical preparation of the Collard plesiosaur from Bridgwater Bay, Somerset, UK
  • The second Westbury Pliosaur: excavation, collection and preparation
  • The Taunton Project
  • Reappraisal of the gastric contents of a Lower Jurassic ichthyosaur
  • Archaeopteryx lithographica: an extreme makeover
  • Three dimensional preparation of a late Cretaceous sturgeon from Montana: a case study
  • Sketching it: using digital photos, drawings, and artist software to map a field jacket during preparation
  • Piñatas of the desert: a collection of 1/10 scale models of late Jurassic Mexican marine reptiles
  • The Smithsonian Institution's exhibit fossil preparation lab Volunteer Training Programme
  • Designing a Micropreparation Workstation
  • Virtual repair of fossil CT scan data
  • Using digitization and rapid prototyping technologies to replicate an urus cranium
  • A mechanical preparation of Rhynie Chert fossils
  • Acid Preparation of Large Vertebrate Specimens
  • Volcaniclastic matrix: methods, problems and solutions of extraction

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