Publication scheme

Two issues of The Geological Curator are published for each year (usually in the Spring and the Autumn); a complete volume consists of ten issues (covering five years) and an index.

Notes to authors

Articles should be submitted by email to the Editor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). One file in MS Word is preferred for the manuscript. Please follow the style of papers in the journal, especially in the title, authorship and abstract layout. Figures can be included in the Word file on original submission for review purposes, but must be supplied as individual jpg or tiff files with the final accepted version. Figures should be designed to be legible and meaningful if printed in greyscale, although colour may be used if justified. If colour is essential, authors are advised to discuss with the Editor, prior to submission. If original images are in colour, the pdf supplied to authors will be in colour, even if the journal issue is printed in greyscale. Captions to figures should be included with the figures, but can be in a separate list. Both drawings and photographs should be proportioned to utilise either the full width of one column (85mm) or two (175mm). References in the text follow the Harvard system, i.e. name and date ‘(Jones 1980)’ or ‘Jones (1980)’. All references are listed alphabetically at the end of the article and journal titles should be cited in full.

Authors will normally receive proofs of text for correction. Major articles are refereed. Copyright is retained by authors.

  1. If submitting articles, please note the following:
  2. Do not 'upper case' headings. Keep all headings in sentence case.
  3. Use italics rather than underline for latin names and expressions, journal names and book titles. Use bold for volume numbers in references.
  4. Single space your file. Use a single (hard) carriage return at the end of each paragraph.
  5. Single space-bar between words, double space-bar between sentences.
  6. Do not attempt to format your article into columns. Use a minimum of tabs and indents.
  7. Author names in the references should be in capitals.

If no computer facilities are available to authors, please discuss submission of proposed articles with the Editor (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Regular features

  • LOST AND FOUND enables requests for information concerning collections and collectors to reach a wide audience. It also contains any responses to such requests from the readership, and thereby provides an invaluable medium for information exchanges. All items relating to this column should be sent to the Editor (address above).
  • FACT FILE contains basic information for the use of curators. All items relating to this column should be sent to the Editor.
  • NOTES comprising short pieces of less than two pages are particularly welcome. Please send contributions to the Editor.
  • BOOK REVIEWS contains informed opinion about recently published books of particular relevance to geology in museums. The Editor welcomes suggestions of suitable titles for review, and unsolicited reviews (of 500 words maximum) can be accepted at their discretion. Publishers should submit books for review to the Editor.
  • INFORMATION SERIES ON GEOLOGICAL COLLECTION LABELS consists of reproductions of specimen labels usually written by a collector of historic importance. The aim of the series is to aid recognition of specimens originating from historically important collections. Contact the Editor.

Advertisement charges

Full A4 page: £80 per issue / Half A4 page: £60 per issue / Quarter A4 page: £40 per issue
25% discount for space bought in three or more issues. Please discuss options with the Editor.
Inserts such as publishers’ ‘flyers’ can be mailed with issues of The Geological Curator for a fee of £80 per issue (negotiable).
300 copies of any insert should be sent to the Editor.


Backnumbers of The Geological Curator (and its predecessor, the Newsletter of the Geological Curators’ Group) are available – please enquire with your requirements. All but the last two years are freely available for download from