You'll probably notice a few changes around here. We've been building a new website for the last couple of months to replace our old one.

Why do we need the new site:

  • New updated appearance
  • Easier for the committee to post new information
  • New features, like search

The new website is still a work-in-progress, but we decided to release it in this form so that you, the end users, can let us know how we are getting on. Most of the content has been transferred over but there are some sections that are proving to be a lot of work if we want to do them properly. In the next few months, expect to see the following new features released:

  • The full journal archives (we're also working on full text search)
  • Member/subscriber logins, so that you can access extra content
  • On-line membership and renewals
  • More pictures, resources and content.

"There was something that I know was on the old site, now it's gone!"

  • No problem, we saved a copy of the old site in December 2016, so just browse over to the link below and you should find everything as it was.

GCG web archive