October 1994

  • Editorial
  • Collecting and Excavation in Palaeontology
  • Palaeontological excavation: historical perspectives
  • Geological Survey of Ireland: National Heritage Council funded curation project of 19th Century collection
  • The role of English Nature in fossil excavation
  • Pliosaurs and volunteers
  • Lost & Found: 234. Arthur Humphreys Foord (1845-1933)
  • Extracting dinosaur trackways: a Welsh experience
  • Collecting dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight, southern England
  • Miss Ffarington's Pleistocene shells from Worden, Lancashire, England: an annotated list
  • Fish and other fossils from the Eocene of Bolca, Italy
  • Erratum: Annual Accounts 1992 (4 December 1991 - 3 December 1992)

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