October 1996

  • An unusual method of mounting an ichthyosaur
  • A remarkable survivor: a nineteenth century geological trail in Rochdale, England
  • Geological Survey donations to the Geological Museum in Queen's College Galway: 19th Century inter-institutional collaboration in Ireland
  • Lost & Found: 237. Plant fossils from the Keele Formation, central England described by Emily Dix (1935)
  • Lost & Found: 241. French volcanic rocks in Dublin
  • Lost & Found: 242. Molluscs and bioclastic limestones from the Wealden Group (Lower Cretaceous) of Dorset, southern England
  • Lost & Found: 243. The Middle Jurassic pliosaur Liopleurodon (Pliosaurus) ferox
  • Lost & Found: 244. Brittlestar block
  • Minutes of an extraordinary general meeting of the Geological Curators' Group, held at Liverpool Museum, 26th June 1996
  • Geological Curators' Group Constitution

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