June 2019

Pyrite Oxidation : Where are we now?

  • Pyrite oxidation: a history of treatments
  • Anoxic storage of pyrite speciments
  • Call the conservator!
  • The Dendermonde Mammoth

Other papers in this issue include:

  • Marine reptiles from the High Arctic
  • Comparing acid preparation methods
  • Prehistoric human material at Nottingham Natural History Museum and Creswell Crags

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pdf.png Geological Curator 11(1) Open Access

December 2019

  • The end of an editorial era!

Collectors, Collections and the geology of South West Britain

  • Cuvier and Brongiart's map of Paris and Conybeare and De la Beche's map of Bath
  • Francis Basset, and his mineral specimens
  • Charles Moore and Late Triassic Vertebrates
  • Mr Sander's Map of Bristol

Making the most a move

  • Compactor Storage for fossil marine reptiles
  • A tale of heavy fossils
  • One very long slow move

Other articles in this issue

  • 44th and 45th AGM reports
  • Presentation of the A.G. Brighton Medal to Monica Price

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June 2020

  • An unusual papier-mâché replica of a fossil (?) from the Free Church of Scotland College collection by Michael A. Taylor and Lyall I. Anderson
  • Large reptiles, localised solutions: investigating alternative delivery systems for the treatment of oversized pyritic specimens by Lucia Petrera, Lu Allington-Jones, and Kieran Miles
  • Source of Roman stone for Aquae Sulis (Bath, England): field evidence, facies, pXRF chem-data and a cautionary tale of contamination by Maurice Tucker, Mark Brisbane, Derek Pitman and Owen Kearn
  • Preparing detailed morphological features of fossil brittle stars (Ophiuroidea, Echinodermata) for scanning electron microscopy using a combination of mechanical preparation techniques by Mark R. Graham and Timothy A. M. Ewin
  • The benefits of regional collection-based undergraduate projects: an example from Nottingham by Adam S. Smith, Frederick J. Owen, E. Catherine Strickson, Joanne R. E. Horne and Zoé C. Wiggins
  • The Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections – TxVP by James C. Sagebiel
  • BOOK REVIEW by Stephen K. Donovan

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Geological Curator 11(4)December 2020

  • Treasures in Tins
  • The Arroyo del Vizcaíno collection
  • The preparator Richard Hall (b. 1839)
  • Historical collections in museums
  • The palaeontological collection at Folkestone Museum
  • The long walk from the Carboniferous
  • Obituary: Matthew Alastair Parkes

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Geological Curator 11(5)June 2021

  • Rocking the boat: geological collections and social change
  • Conservation and photogrammetry of subfossil Quaternary walrus
  • The importance of correct mineral identification for correct storage
  • Mechanical and chemical preparation techniques applied to Frasnian Cephalopods from Lompret (Belgium)
  • A brief history of natural history museums in the Ottoman Empire
  • Digitising the historical archives of the Conservation Centre at the Natural History Museum, London

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