Public engagement with geology has always formed part of the remit of the Geological Curators' Group (GCG). Over the last few years this has become a higher priority and the group has participated in more geological outreach events such as fossil festivals. Starting over a decade ago, fossil festivals have become a great success story in public engagement with geological sciences. Two of the largest are held at either end of the Jurassic coast each year; the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival and the Yorkshire Fossil Festival held at Scarborough. Fossil festivals typically combine stalls run by organisations such as museums, universities and societies with activities such as talks and fossil walks. They appeal to a wide audience, especially schools and families.

This leaflet was produced in the late 1990's and distributed through museums and geological societies. You can still download the original leaflet here, but beware the list of museums is out of date, and you would be best checking on our Geological Collections page for your nearest museum. However, the information contained is still totally valid, so we republish it here: