Geological collections are an irreplaceable part of our scientific and cultural heritage. The Geological Curators’ Group is dedicated to their better care, maintenance and use. The Group aims to:
  • improve access to, and knowledge of, such collections for all purposes – from leisure and tourism to education and science.
  • improve the status of geology in museums and the standard of geological curation in general by: holding meetings and workshops; providing information and advice; documenting and conserving geological sites; the surveillance of geological collections.

If you are interested in or work with geological collections then you should consider joining the Geological Curators' Group. Membership is open to individuals and organisations with an interest in these collections. We are a registered charity (no.296050) affiliated to The Geological Society of London. Our membership is extremely diverse and includes museums, students, curators, volunteers, geoscientists, researchers, educators, palaeontologists, collectors, conservators, preparators and more. 

We run regular events for our members, and publish a regular journal and newsletter.