April 1979


  • An experience from the other side
  • Committee notes September 1978 - April 1979
  • International conference on the history of museums and collections in natural history 3-6 April 1979
  • Museum services to natural sciences in Scotland
  • Collections & Collectors: 16. The Manx Museum Shells from "the Manxland drift"
  • Collections & Collectors: 24 Rawtenstall Museum
  • Collections & Collectors: 4. The Bath Geological collections: The Moore collection of Upper Liassic crocodiles: a history
  • Lost & Found:
  • Physical conservation of fossils in existing collections
  • Irish cultural news
  • Rock Bands
  • County Museums officer
  • Croyden Natural History and Scientific Society Museum
  • German Fashion
  • The "Great Debate"

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