Geological Curators tackle pyrite oxidation!

Over fifty museum professionals from a variety of different backgrounds travelled to London for our recent seminar "Pyrite Oxidation: where are we now?", run in conjunction with the Natural History Museum. During the seminar, the causes of the problem were examined, along with current best practice for preventing the progress of decay.

The abstract booklet and videos from the day are available to members by logging in to the website.

 9:20am Registration (tea and coffee for non-NHM delegates)

 9:50am Welcome

10:00am Kieran Miles (The Natural History Museum, London) The role of pyrite in fossilisation and its potential instability

 10:30am Lucia Petrera & Anna Fenlon (The Natural History Museum, London) Pyrite Oxidation: A History of Treatments at The Natural History Museum, London

 11:00am Poster session/break (tea and coffee for non-NHM delegates)

 11:30am Ewout Koek (Teylers Museum, Haarlem) Pyrite Oxidation in the collection of Teylers Museum

 12:00noon Giliane Odin (University College Cork) Conservation issues of pyrite-bearing lignitized woods: stymieing pyrite oxidation by combined bathing and drying processes

 12:30pm Christian Baars (Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum Cardiff) Pyrite decay: into the great unknown

 1:00pm Finish


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The day is aimed at all conservators and curators who work with geological collections, but there may be interest from other museum professionals, students and volunteers.

The morning session will comprise of presentations focussing on current research, recent projects and re-storage techniques. Workshops will be held in the afternoon. Workshop participants will learn how to identify pyrite oxidation, how to undertake dry cleaning techniques, how to create anoxic microenvironments and how to use humidity-controlled environments to slow oxidation rates. The afternoon workshops are aimed at colleagues who have not had the opportunity to specialise in natural history and are less familiar with pyrite oxidation. The morning session is unlimited but the afternoon session is limited to 20 people.

A day of talks and workshops to be held at the Natural History Museum in London (UK), in association with Geological Curators’ Group.