The Geological Curators’ Group will be encouraging anyone and everyone to get involved in geosciences during Earth Science Week (12th-20th October 2019) via our social media platforms.

Show us Your…

Daily, from the 14th to the 18th October, we will host the “Show us your…” series on Twitter. Each day we’ll be exploring different aspects of ephemera essential to the everyday scientist and enthusiast:

  • Monday 14th: Show us your Geoscience Mugs
  • Tuesday 15th: Show us your Geoscience Jewellery
  • Wednesday 16th: Show us your Geoscience Clothes
  • Thursday 17th: Show us your Geoscience Cuddly Toys (there are several members of committee very excited about this one!)
  • Friday 18th: Show us your Geoscience Crafts

Anything at all you’ve been working on… knitting, papercraft, things at school, whatever you’d like to share with us!

Articles to Read

There are four articles scheduled for publication on our blog site during Earth Science Week. This mini-series of articles will explore themes such as: Dinosaurs aren’t just for little boys, what it’s like to be a mineral curator, and geoscience fashion for all!

If you have any recommendations for the fashion (bedspreads, shirts, dresses, lamp shades, etc), please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note - GCG can’t endorse any particular companies or products, so they will appear as personal recommendations from followers, anonymously if you prefer.