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The posters for #sppc2020 are now live - to view them click the link above or go to www.geocurator.org/sppc/posters 

The Symposium of Palaeontological Preparation and Conservation 2020 (#SPPC2020) will be held virtually this year during Earth Science Week and will consist of posters being presented online from October 11th to 17th, with a day dedicated to questions and answers on social media on Friday 16th October including discussions in a global Zoom meeting. ‘Conservation and preparation’ is used in its broadest sense here and includes all physical work undertaken on or with any geological material to prepare it for research, teaching or display. The work described in the posters may have been undertaken by professionals, volunteers and/or enthusiasts but should describe a technique you consider is new, different, unusual or interesting that you think other people would benefit from knowing about. We particularly welcome submissions from people who would not normally be able to attend the annual SPPC meeting in person for reasons of distance and/or cost.

You can see the list of previous SPPC talks and posters here.

Information for participants

  • This event will be free to participate in, but we will be encouraging small donations to GCG to cover administrative expenses. Booking and submissions will open and close according to the timeline set out below. All submissions will be made electronically and full instructions will be provided.
  • Anyone can view the posters and post questions and comments on the GCG website via e-mail, or on social media using the hashtags that will be provided. Although GCG will host discussions throughout Earth Science Week, all posters submitted, comments, questions and answers will be retained on the website to form a permanent, publicly accessible record of the meeting.
  • We will run at least one (possibly more depending on timezones of registered attendees) session on a video conferencing platform which will provide a more social aspect to the event, as well as an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters.


Call for abstracts (poster format only)

End July

Deadline for abstracts - EXTENDED!!

Monday 7th September

Decisions on abstracts communicated by

Friday 11th September

Posters to be submitted via email by

Friday 2nd October

Posters available online from

Sunday 11th October

Question and answer sessions on social media and email (all day)

Worldwide video conference

Friday 16th October


GCG abides by GDPR. However, please note that poster presentations will be hosted on a part of our website that is in the public domain. As such, please do not include any content or contact details on your poster or abstract that you do not wish to be made public. This extends to your participation in any live discussions. For more details, please see our Events and Privacy Policies (https://www.geocurator.org/committee/management-documents/58-how-the-committee-works). If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with the symposium organisers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Gallery of twenty posters from the 2020 virtual SPPC meeting and their abstracts

This section contains a listing of talks and posters delivered at SPPC in previous years. If you are wondering what SPPC is all about, or if it is for you, then this is a good place to start.