The SPPC is intended as a forum in which professionals, amateurs and researchers alike, interested in all aspects of preparation, conservation, model-making and related subjects, can participate. The SPPC offers a unique opportunity to meet friends and colleagues and to discuss recent developments, ongoing research, and other, often museum related, projects. Although the SPPC generally precedes the the SVPCA conference, contributions are not limited to the field of vertebrate palaeontology.

SPPC Conferences have been run since 1992, either before or after the SVPCA, and many participants attend both conferences. Over recent years the number of talks on offer has been in decline, and there is a need for discussion on the nature and identity of this event. Conferences are held in a variety of venues, and offer a great opportunity both to share experience and to have the chance to look over the facilities other organisations and how they are used.

Previous talks and posters can be found here.

This section contains a listing of talks and posters delivered at SPPC in previous years. If you are wondering what SPPC is all about, or if it is for you, then this is a good place to start. The abstracts are organised by year - if you are looking for a specific abstract, then please try using the search function in the right hand menu of the website.

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