April 1994

Papers from the 1st Symposium for Palaeontological Preparators and Conservators: Bristol, September 1992

  • Editorial
  • The Conservation Of The Sedgwick Museum Barrington (quaternary) Hippopotamus Skeleton
  • Preparation Of A Disarticulated Ophthalmosaurus Skeleton To Retain Important Taphonomic Details
  • Authigenic Minerals In Vertebrate Fossils From The Wealden Group (Lower Cretaceous) Of The Isle Of Wight
  • Resonant Rocks, 'Rock Gongs', Idiophones And Lithophones
  • A Victorian Fossil Wholemount Technique: A Cautionary Tale For Our Times
  • A Boreal Perisphinctid Ammonite In Australia - A Case Of Nineteenth Century Transportation?
  • Nautiloid Atachapi From The Silurian Of Wales
  • News From The Museum Of Isle Of Wight Geology
  • Lost & Found: 214. Jurassic ammonites from Gibraltar collected by AIan L. GREIG (d. 1988)
  • Lost & Found: 233. Dr Archie LAMONT (1907-1985) and unreturned loan specimens found in his collection.
  • Geological Curators' Group - 18th Annual General Meeting
  • Geological Curators' Group - 19th Annual General Meeting
  • Award of the first A. G. Brighton medal to Charles Waterston

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