April 1997

  • G.B. Alexander's studies on the Jurassic of Gibraltar and the Carboniferous of England: the end of a mystery?
  • Visitor behaviour at The Evolution of Wales exhibition. National Museum and Gallery, Cardiff, Wales
  • Museums & Galleries Commission Standards in the Care of Museums Collections; what are the implications?
  • The BCG/GCG orphan collections working party report: preamble
  • The BCG/GCG orphan collections working party report
  • Lost & Found: 238. Bright, a Wenlock Limestone locality
  • Lost & Found: 245. Fossil Fish from the Lower Carboniferous of Armagh, Ireland
  • Lost & Found: 246. Plants, invertebrates and fishes from the Devonian/Lower Carboniferous of Kiltorcan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
  • 22nd Annual General Meeting
  • Presentation of the A.G. Brighton Medal to Dr Bob King

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