Current Committee Role:

Ordinary Member

About Me: 

I am Community Learning Assistant at Dinosaur Isle Museum. My role focuses on education, engagement and outreach but is also very diverse and incorporates field work, curation and documentation, digitisation and assisting with research enquiries. I have a degree in Geology but my work mostly revolves around the Cretaceous palaeontology of the Isle of Wight.

At Dinosaur Isle we are blessed to have the wealth of the palaeontology and geology of the Isle of Wight at our doorstep and we are able to maintain a collection of world renowned fossils from the local area. We regularly engage in field work and prospecting which frequently results in significant finds.

Amongst my usual regular duties I am currently working on an on-going project of the documentation and digitisation of a large collection of fossils from the Insect Bed of the Isle of Wight. One local collector has donated to us thousands of fossils including incredibly well preserved insects, spiders, crustaceans, plants, birds, molluscs, and many other fossils.



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