Published (and some unpublished) information on the distribution of type, figured, and cited fossils in museums in Great Britain and Ireland is collated in a bibliography as an initial aid in tracing type collections and individual specimens. The catalogues are indexed taxonomically, stratigraphically, and by museums. A supplementary reference list draws attention to some further publications which may be useful in locating old collections.

This combined catalogue was produced as part of the 2000/2001 N.E. Dinosaur Coast Project. It is a combined catalogue for both Scarborough and Whitby Museums. It can be accessed via the Whitby Museum website:

Turner, N.S. 2000. A Catalogue of the Type, Figured and Cited Fossils in the Nottingham Natural History Museum, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, U.K. Geological Curator 7(3): 111-121.

This project, funded by JISC, managed by the British Geological Survey and made possible through the help of the GCG committee and membership, produced a large number of photographs and 3D models of type fossils held in UK institutions. Photos and models can be freely downloaded for non-commercial use.