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    • Axiell UK [supplier] - https://www.axiell.co.uk/ Axiell ALM is the area of the business that supports archives, special libraries and museums around the world. Our world class collection management software includes the prestigious Adlib, Calm, EMu and Mimsy XG suite of products.
    • NASA [organisation] - https://www.nasa.gov/ NASA's Vision: We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.
    • STASHc [advice] - http://stashc.com/ This website provides information and tools so that institutions of all types, sizes and resource levels can learn how to create safe and appropriate storage solutions. These solutions were written by and for collection care professionals in all fields.
    • G. Ryder & Co. Ltd. [supplier] - http://ryderbox.co.uk/ We design and manufacture bespoke boxes for a wide range of clients which enhance every product or promotion. With your imagination and our technical capability the possibilities are endless.
    • Novatron Scientific [supplier] - https://www.novatron.co.uk/ specialists in the supply and calibration of precision instruments and equipment for relative humidity, water activity, dew point, temperature & light. Our range of products and services extends from high accuracy hygrometers, data loggers and water activity meters to portable humidifiers/dehumidifiers and UKAS calibration services for a wide range of scientific and measuring equipment.
    • Bentley Advanced Materials [supplier] - https://www.benam.co.uk/ Specialised moulding and casting covers a wide spectrum of activity, from industrial applications through to artistic creations and fabrications. We stock rubbers, plastics, epoxies, foams, plasters and a whole host of ancillary products to cover all these areas.

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