As a registered charity, the group publishes minutes and accounts from our Annual General Meeting in The Geological Curator. Since 2017 we have also produced an Annual Report, which is intended as an easy to read summary of our activities over the year. You can view and download this information from within this section.

As well as our constitution, this section contains documents that explain our events booking policy, and how we interact with various forms of social media

If you work with or are interested in geological collections, then you should consider getting involved with the running of GCG. The entire committee is run on an unpaid, voluntary basis, and we always have a need for people with varied skills to join the team.

This section contains some more information on how you can join us.

We periodically review the services we offer, and ensure that they are tailored to the needs and interests of our membership. 

The Geological Curators' Group Survey for 2019