GCG committee deep in discussion at the Geological Society in LondonIf you work with or are interested in geological collections, then you should consider getting involved with the running of GCG. The entire committee is run on an unpaid, voluntary basis, and we always have a need for people with varied skills to join the team.

  • The most basic way you can get involved is to become a member, or persuade your institution to join up. Membership rates are extremely reasonable and you can join online.
  • Please let us know that you're out there! For instance we'd love to know if the entry for your collection is up to date on our Collections Map, or if you are working on an interesting project we might ask you to write a short, non-technical article for our blog. Finally our journal is always looking for new submissions.
  • There are regular openings for positions on our committee. We meet at least three times a year, either in person or over videoconference. 
    • We welcome everyone, not just curators: our members are also museum and heritage volunteers, collectors, students, academics, educators, and everyone in between. 
    • Members of GCG can be elected to committee by our membership at our AGM every year. There are also a number of voluntary officer positions which can provide a useful stepping stone if you are not sure about what the roles entail. 
    • Certain committee positions also confer trusteeship of the charity. This is set out in our constitution and trustees should abide by the regulations outlined by The Charity Commission for England and Wales.
    • We are a small charity, but we will try to help you as much as possible, for instance by providing training that is applicable to your position. Different positions come with different time commitments, but we will discuss this with you before you make any decisions.
    • If you are interested, you should keep an eye on these pages (www.geocurator.org/getinvolved) or e-mail the chair on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we would be happy to set up a phone call or video meeting to discuss things further.
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