The Geological Curators’ Group is open to ALL and will not tolerate racism, or any other forms of prejudice, within our community. We acknowledge that as a Subject Specialist Network we need to work harder to make this statement known.

To all of our Black members and colleagues across the sector...

We see you. We hear you. We value you. We stand with you.

To that effect, the GCG has been gathering ideas and resources on how we might address the imbalance of diversity, in all its forms, within our community in a more proactive and visible way.

The GCG should be a platform on which all of us stand as equals, but we recognise that we must work much harder to make this a reality. We hereby commit to creating a more welcoming and open environment, in which we actively promote diversity and inclusivity of all.

#BlackInNature #BlackInSTEM #BlackInGeoscience