November 1981

  • Lost and not yet found!
  • GCG/MDA workshop on geology documentation
  • An introduction to the new information series on old geological collection labels
  • Edward Charlesworth & the British Natural History Society
  • S. G. Perceval, a crusader for museums
  • Some notes on the dispersal of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland collections
  • What a Calamite! A cautionary tale of documentation
  • Friends of the Sedgwick Museum
  • Ernest Westlake (1855-1922), Geologist & Prehistorian with a synopsis of the contents of his field notebooks
  • The national scheme for geological site documentation annual report 1980
  • Coal balls from Rowley Tip
  • Lost & Found
  • A simple method of preparing borehole cores for research & display
  • The Fossil Elephant

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