GCG committee deep in discussion at the Geological Society in LondonIf you work with or are interested in geological collections, then you should consider getting involved with the running of GCG. The entire committee is run on an unpaid, voluntary basis, and we always have a need for people with varied skills to join the team.

In the run up to the AGM, 1st December 2022, the GCG has a number of vacant roles available! All positions are volunteer roles, but any expenses incurred on behalf of GCG will be covered.

Committee Roles - No Vacancies

The Committee meets 3 times a year, plus the AGM. There are occasionally shorter ad hoc meetings as other matters arise. Committee roles are generally on a three year rotation, though this can be shorter if required.

Support Roles - Vacancies

These roles are crucial to the smooth running of GCG, however, they are specifically designed to be support roles for the Committee, meaning the post-holder isn't expected to attend Committee meetings, and the time required is generally much lower than for Committee roles.

Committee Roles - Other

Although the below roles aren't vacant, anyone can apply for any post in the run up to the AGM. All posts are decided by members' vote. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the below roles, even if you don't come onto Committee this year, it may be that the post holder going forward would like to share the role, or you can get involved in the role in some other way.

Support roles

The most important things for anyone looking to become involved in GCG are to have are a passion for geological collections, some expertise in the area (not necessarily through professional means), and have the time to dedicate to the organisation. We are flexible and friendly, and we welcome and encourage applications from all backgrounds.

Some Committee members are also Trustees of GCG. All Trustee positions, subject to application and ratification at an AGM, are for three years, with a possible extension of a second term. They are voluntary posts, but expenses are covered when approved in advance. Trustees must be current members of GCG, and eligible to serve as a charity Trustee under the Charity Commission guidelines here.