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To celebrate, we have also released number 5 of the current Volume of Geological Curator under our two year open access policy. Why not download it, and if you like the content, consider Membership of GCG!

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GDPR declaration form (PDF)

GCG Privacy Policy

GCG members and supporters may find the attached letter from the Earth Science Teachers Association useful. 

Many of you are aware I am sure, that unlike other science or humanities subjects, Geology has always been one of the smaller uptake subjects, despite the amazing selling points of fieldwork experiences, and the core topic materials which focus on the fundamentals of things around us and the future of the planet, being able to “look backwards to look forwards” when looking at specimens in museums is an amazing thing.

You can read the full letter here

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Howard Bartlett, a long standing subscriber to GCG. He first joined us in 1985, and although he only attended meetings held in Cardiff, he very much valued his association with our group.

We've just posted three more issues of Geological Curator into the public area of our website. GCG makes all of its publications over two years old publicly available as part of our commitment to the geological community. One of the issues is the Fossil Preparation Special which is rammed full of useful and interesting articles. 

GCG members will have just received a similarly spectacular volume, our Hugh Miller special. If you like what you see in our free content, then why not join us, to get access to our most up-to-date publications.

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