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NatSCA are running a day on how to put on museum exhibitions. It’s at UCL on 22nd September.
Topics include:
  • Producing exhibition catalogues (Sophie Forgan, Captain Cook Memorial Museum)
  • Access considerations in museum displays (Euan's Guide - the disabled access review website and app)
  • Targeting and consulting audiences (Raphael Chanay, Natural History Museum)
  • Modern taxidermy display practise (Ebony Andrews, Calderdale Museums)
  • Labelling natural history objects (Jan Freedman, Plymouth Museums)
  • Attracting corporate sponsorship for exhibitions (Nick Marsden, Science Museum Group)
  • How to use living animals in museum displays (Michelle Davis, Horniman Museum)

The June 2017 edition of Geoscientist, published by the Geological Society of London, contains an article about the Geological Society ‘Students’ Instructional Tours" (On seeing the most rocks  https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/Geoscientist/Archive/June-2017/On-seeing-the-most-rocks ). Many well-known names including Eric Robinson, Trevor D Ford, Derek Flynn and Geoff Tresise (Liverpool Museum). It is worth a read just to see how important geological fieldwork was.

We've posted a listing for a new "Preservation of Geological Collections" studentship in our jobs section!