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The Friends of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs are fundraising to build a bridge to improve access to the Dinosaur Island which will allow tours, education, conservation and other work to take place. In case you're not encountered them before the "dinosaurs" - there are other animals too, such as marine reptiles and mammals - are the first ever life size reconstructions of prehistoric life. Every movie, museum display or dinosaur adventure park can arguably trace its lineage back to these creatures! They are free to visit if you are ever in London. Read more on their website or head over to the funding page to help out.

We have an exciting monthly series on the Geological Curators' Group blog called News from the Sector. We wanted a title that, in the great sea of social media, would tell someone at a glance what they should expect. Each month, this series will feature the latest geological and palaeontological news, jobs, exhibitions, and conferences that might tickle your fancy, if you are of the geoscience-appreciating-persuasion.

If you or your institution has anything they would like to add to, or advertise, please get in touch with Blog Editor Dr Emma Nicholls, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for additions to each issue of News from the Sector is the last day of the previous month.

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Those of you using Google Chrome to browse the internet may start to notice that certain sites are being flagged as "not secure" - this is an indicator that the site you are browsing does not implement the secure HTTPS protocol. Many of the tech websites are carrying stories, like this one.

On www.geocurator.org we use an HTTPS certificate to ensure that all data you send to our website is end-to-end encrypted. This is how we protect the data you entrust to us.

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